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The 10-10-10 Deal is here!

Increase the value of your coins. Have them professionally graded and encapsulated.

The 10-10-10 Deal will help.

Send us ten (10) coins (such as Morgan Silver Dollars) for grading and certification.  We will grade 10 coins for $10 each (total $100) and return them to you within 10 days (The 10-10-10 Deal). 

  • NCGS is the best deal for you.  You do not have to purchase a submission kit.  Simply print out the submission form (button on left) and send us your coins with payment. Personal check, cashiers check or money order is OK.

    P.O. Box 20186
    Fountain Hills, AZ 85269

    e-mail:   ncgsinfo@cox.net

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  • Own, study, collect & enjoy

    Coin collecting in the United States is once again on the rise. There exists numerous resources to help you identify coins as well as judge their value and rarity.  The Handbook of United States Coins (Blue Book) and the Guide Book of United State Coins (Red Book) are excellent sources of detailed information. They include coin images, values, dates, varieties and mintage totals. Both are available through Amazon www.amazon.com.
    Or check your local library. Please note: coin grading services are not a guarantee of value. We do not buy
    buy nor sell coins. In most instances having a coin graded or using a coin grading service such as ours will
    increase the value of a coin but this is based upon paying a reasonable price for the coin. Buy from
    reputable dealers and shop wisely.

    The Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter also known as the 'BLUE LIST' is a highly followed guide for Certified coins. Published weekly it lists the coin values dealers are reporting. Their website is: www.cdnpublications.com

    Another great source of information is the United States Mint. Their website: www.usmint.gov is loaded with information on upcoming issues.