Try our 10 - 10 - 10 Deal!

10 Coins Graded for $10 each and returned to you in 10 days.

Here is the Deal:

*Send us ten (10) of your coins that you want graded. Coins must be from the list below.

*Print and include the submission form.

*Package the coins safely.

*Include your check or money order for $100 payable to NCGS.

We Will:

*Grade, certify and encapsulate your coins.

*Mail out the coins within 10 days of receiving them.

NCGS Policy:

*We will not grade coins that in our opinion will not improve in value by more than the $10 fee.

*We will not charge you for coins that we do not grade.

note:  other grading services charge you $25-35 for a submission kit, charge $14-18 per coin, charge you for coins they decline to grade and take 2 months (economy service) to return the coins to you.  Our service is a better deal.  Let us prove it.

Coins We Will Grade:

Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, American Silver Eagles, Franklin Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars, Barber Half Dollars, U.S. Silver Quarters dated 1964 and earlier (Washington, Standing, Barber, Seated, etc.), U.S. Silver Dimes dated 1964 and earlier (Roosevelt, Mercury, Barber, Seated, etc.) and most U.S. Commemoratives.  Proofs and Business strikes are OK. Also, we will grade foreign coins including Pandas, Maple Leafs, etc. (too many to list).

Coins We Will Not Grade:

We do not grade coins we cannot identify. We do not grade counterfeit, copy or replica coins. Remember if you send us a coin and we choose not to grade it we do not charge you a fee for that coin. The fee will be returned to you.

Own, study, collect & enjoy

Coin collecting in the United States is once again on the rise. There exists numerous resources to help you identify coins as well as judge their value and rarity.  The Handbook of United States Coins (Blue Book) and the Guide Book of United State Coins (Red Book) are excellent sources of detailed information. They include coin images, values, dates, varieties and mintage totals. Both are available through Amazon
Or check your local library.

The Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter also known as the 'BLUE LIST' is a highly followed guide for Certified coins. Published weekly it lists the coin values dealers are reporting. Their website is:

Another great source of information is the United States Mint. Their website: is loaded with information on upcoming issues.